About Us


Flag City Truck & Equipment has built its reputation on servicing trucks. We know what trucks and equipment perform well for their owners and that different work requirements and rotues put different stresses on trucks.

About UsIt is from this pricless experience that we specify and select our inventory from class 3 trucks to the hardest working class 8 heavy duty trucks.

We don’t just sell you a truck, we match you with one.

Before we recommend a vehicle, we get to know you and what you need your truck to do.


  • Experience: There is rarely a truck or equipment issue that we have not already seen and dealt with. Experience counts!
  • Quality Service: We pride ourselves on our dedication to the client, building long-term relationships by striving to make our customers happy on every visit.


  • The truck you delivered to us on Friday went on the road yesterday. It looked and worked great! Your workmanship and attention to detail on everything from the front bumper guard to the rear mud-flaps is impressive. All systems functioned as designed and no problems were reported. This is also impressive given the extent of items that you and your team had to manage.Satisfied Corporate Customer
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